Lone Spruce Alpacas 3/24/2013
At our fiber store, we have a wide range of items available for purchase.
The photos below show the selection of products we have for sale.

-2012 Shearing Yarn Soon!
- Boot Insoles Coming Soon!

  - Adult and Children's Knitted Sweaters
  - Men's and Women's Socks
  - Assortment of knitted hats and mittens
  - Bird nesting hangers, alpaca kids bears, and ornaments
  - Assorted natural and hand dyed yarn
  - Rovings for spinners

Please email Jeanne at
jeanne@lonesprucealpacas.com for
pricing, sizes, and availability.
ome of our products are available at our Etsy store!  Please visit our store to
view these products!